The Vision of Unido
Bridging Enterprise & Institutions to Crypto

The adoption of cryptocurrency continues to increase, as mainstream investors enter the asset class, either directly acquiring and holding crypto or via investment vehicles such as exchange traded funds. With favorable government policy motivated by efficiency of digitalization, enterprise need safe and affordable asset management, investment, banking, and treasury solutions.

Unido develops consolidated, easy to use solutions that allows enterprise to manage and invest in a way that meets their security, corporate governance and compliance needs.

Unido enables organizations investing in cryptocurrency, such as traditional enterprises, crypto-native businesses, asset managers and digital banks, to seamlessly manage and invest their crypto assets into DeFi via the Defi Dashboard.


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Blockchain key

The Crypto Problem

We recognize the intrinsic shortfall of cryptocurrency for organizations: blockchain transactions are approved by submission of a single private key. Organizations have sophisticated corporate governance procedures and requirements to control their material financial assets.

Unido’s core proprietary fragmented key signing algorithm uses multi party computation (MPC) to reconstitute the private key as a threshold of key fragments are contributed. This distributed key approach allows an organization to deploy a crypto transaction approval process to their existing corporate governance approval procedures.

PAC Blockchain logo

PAC Blockchain is the company behind Unido. Established in 2012, PAC is an end-to-end professional services company for software and application development, project management and technical consultation with a specific focus on blockchain technology.

In 2017, PAC founded and patented Unido’s multi-key wallet management technology which has been launched with pilot programs for financial institutions and partner programs to demonstrate the commercial application of Unido Core technology across a variety of use cases.

The Unido Foundation

The Unido Foundation is an independent, not for profit membership organization. As the governing entity, the Unido Foundation has been established to govern UDO token and to coordinate the future direction of the Unido Ecosystem.

The Foundation is necessary to initially establish guidance for specifications and protocols to be adopted and developed. The Foundation also select projects to be supported by the Ecosystem Development Fund program.

Protocol Management and Engagement points

Design and Implementation of Growth Initiatives

Planning reward systems and mechanisms for Unido customers

Technical Maintenance and Security of the Unido Network