Features About Unido Media Unido for Enterprise

Next-gen, institutional-grade wallet for digital assets

Unido is free to download and allows secure management of your crypto funds without needing to use a hardware wallet.
Quickly create accounts with the option for additional signing members to provide digital security and policy security over your funds. Unido supports eight of the major currencies with more being added all the time!

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Unido is the new standard for digital asset management


The Unido app is constantly advancing and adapting to new technologies to ensure users continue to receive a world-class platform.

Cutting Edge Security

Unido features some of the most advanced security technologies available on the blockchain.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Unido wallets support the most popular currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple and more.

Wallets For Business

With multiple signing parties, Unido is perfect for managing your business's digital assets.

From Personal To Business

Unido is the true all-in-one crypto wallet app. With support for multiple currencies and unlimited wallets, Unido is perfect for managing your entire digital asset portfolio. You can even exchange your currencies between your wallets without having to leave the app allowing you to be more responsive and adaptive to volatile market conditions.


All of your transactions are recorded to the blockchain meaning you always know where your assets are going and who signed off on them. With group transparency at the forefront, Unido is perfect for businesses that require the utmost accountability and authority.

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Next-gen wallet with next level security