Enterprise Gateway to DeFi and Cryptocurrencies
We enable enterprises and institutional investors such as hedge funds, asset managers and digital banks to seamlessly manage and invest into DeFi and Crypto Markets
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World-class Security
Security always comes first at Unido. All layers from asset storage to transaction will be guarded with the industry’s best cybersecurity solutions.
Multi-user Wallet Management
Our multi-user key signing technology gives the necessary distributed security and corporate governance on your corporate assets.
Analytics and Reporting
A personal DeFi dashboard for your business with real-time data, on-point analytics, and in-depth insights on your crypto portfolio.
Customized as per Needs
We build products which are customized as per your needs for you to invest in the decentralized capital markets with ease and compliance.
Interoperability and Multichain
Powered by Polkadot, our interoperable products provide you a single-point access to the entire DeFi industry running on multiple blockchains.
Decentralized Self-Custody
With our decentralized custody, you will have the complete control on your crypto assets at a much cheaper rates than centralized custodians.
Unido EP
Accelerating DeFi Adoption for Enterprises
Underpinned by Unido Core, the patented Unido fragmented key signing engine - Unido EP creates a bridge between enterprises and DeFi markets allowing secure digital asset custody, featuring corporate governance mapping at the blockchain level, augmented with a ‘point and click’ defi investing dashboard and real-time analytics.
Unido Core API
Develop Enterprise-grade DApps
Build new products on Unido's technology and bring security and governance to blockchain apps. Join our developer community and build a secure future for dApps across several blockchains. Highly interoperable and scalable, Unido’s multichain environment is a revolution in blockchain key management.
Unido Insto
Secured with Unido’s patented multisig key management technology, Unido provides a complete suite of fully customized enterprise-grade trading interface, security management, and corporate governance of crypto assets owned by banks, institutional investors, crypto-native organizations and exchanges.
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Flourishing Capital
Bridge Mutual
Kyros Ventures
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Master Ventures
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Unido Ecosystem

Unido's Ecosystem is focused on promoting decentralised enterprise-grade key management, to advance blockchain technology into mainstream adoption by enterprise, institutions and governments.

The ecosystem is designed to have an ever-increasing number of supported distributed apps running on the core Unido technology to create constant ever increasing utility for the UDO token.

UDO Token
Powering the Unido Ecosystem

UDO is the utility token that lies at the heart of Unido Ecosystem, functioning as the payment system for using the Unido product range.

Beyond system access, UDO token holders will be able to actively participate in governance DAO voting on matters which affect the ecosystem, in addition to earning UDO tokens as a reward for staking and yield farming.

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