Wandarin Capital Believes in Unido’s Working Product

04 March 2021

Unido provides an all-in-one custody service with patent-pending security algorithms as well as interoperability with other blockchain networks. Its users gain access to a business banking platform as well as DeFi yields, all from a secure central dashboard where they can easily store and manage all their assets.

Besides its immediate utility, Unido combines two of the most promising technologies for investors at the moment: DeFi and Polkadot. By building on the Polkadot network, Unido is able to offer users all the opportunities of DeFi while doing away with the unreasonable gas fees that currently affect these applications.

From Wandarin’s perspective, Unido is also a natural fit for important partnerships. The fund’s co-founder, Ray Wang, chimed in on why Wandarin Capital chose to back Unido.

First of all, Unido has an excellent team. The team has people from both a business background and a technology background. Everyone is in the right position role.

Second, Unido carries a hot concept. Defi and Polkadot are the two hottest investment themes for crypto VCs right now. Unido combined these two together. Moreover, the transaction fee on the Ether network is so high that it’s reasonable to explore alternatives, such as Polkadot.

Third, Unido actually has a working product. Most projects came to us with a pitch deck or whitepaper, but rarely a working product. This made Unido very unique.

Fourth, Unido didn’t ask for too much money and crazy valuation. We really like their spirit. Do people really need $30m raised in advance to build a blockchain project?

Fifth, the team was silently doing all the developments without teasing people for irrational hype. Their community is healthy and organic. Community is one of the most important, if not the most important factor in long-term success in crypto.

Lastly, Partnership. Seems it’s natural for Unido to partner with projects like Allianceblock, which I think is another amazing project. — Ray Wang, Co-Founder of Wandarin Capital.

We are thankful to have the support of Wandarin Capital. Besides investing in Unido, Wandarin Capital will provide the team with advisory and marketing services. The fund’s influence in the Asian, European, and American markets is sure to unlock Unido’s potential for the incoming stream of institutional investors that need the right blockchain-based enterprise platform.

About Unido

Unido is a crypto asset custody service and enterprise platform that provides features for the management and investment of crypto assets on-chain. It relies on a patent-pending private key obfuscation algorithm for security and offers services that are compatible with other popular blockchain networks. Unido’s features include a business banking portal as well as DeFi Vault.

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