Meet Our Cyber Security and Support Officer Martin Shead

06 July 2022

We are happy to announce the hiring of Martin Shead, our new Security and Support Officer at Unido. Martin is joining Unido to assist with strengthening Unido’s security posture. As well as performing security analytics for PAC Blockchain’s clients. 

Martin comes from a systems administration background which entailed server remediation, management and server infrastructure maintenance. 

Martin is passionate about offensive cyber security and is working to earn OSCP, OSEP and SOC 2 certifications. 

What excites you about Unido?

Unido is an Australian company with some of the country's best developers. 

The complexity and ingenuity around Unido’s blockchain is incredible and cutting edge. I can’t deny Unido’s Dev-ops team are pure wizards, highly-technical geniuses, I’m very happy to be a part of this. I look forward to each and every achievement we earn and l can’t wait to see where Unido takes us in the future. 

What are some milestones you look forward to? 

Within cyber security, I will inevitably face unexpected events, opportunities and threats that affect the business. Assisting with compliance, risk and mitigation is valuable information which I expect to learn. I sincerely look forward to gaining all these valuable skills and getting one step closer to OSCP, OSEP and SOC 2 certifications 

What is Cyber Security to you? 

To preserve and protect company assets. 

We live in an age where there are a large number of sophisticated cyber-attacks every hour of every day. As Unido becomes bigger and more dominant in the crypto market so to will cyber-attacks. 

The challenges we outlined above demand some new actions beyond firewalls and off-the-shelf products. There needs to be more focus on offensive security and digital forensics to understand these cyber-attacks. Hypothesizing possible attack vectors to make tactical and strategic adjustments to foresee these attacks. 

About Unido 

Unido offers enterprise-level crypto self-custody solutions for SMEs, sophisticated corporations and institutions that want to leap into crypto, invest in DeFi and provide crypto access to their customers.  

Our technology is based on a state-of-the-art fragmented private key-signing engine that enables enterprises to distribute transaction signing at the blockchain level. That, combined with our user-friendly dashboard and point-and-click business tools, provides enterprises with the level of corporate governance workflow and security they require to confidently do business on the blockchain.  

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