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Unido Wallet is a revolution for any business transacting and dealing in cryptocurrencies and assets


Unido is a decentralised, lightweight and highly secure business wallet application. Existing wallet solutions are not robust enough to be used by multi-level organisations as they do not posses high levels of security by requiring multiple signaturies, varying levels of access and usage rights plus robust authentication. There are very few wallets which provide these business features. 


Built from the ground up, the private key security algorithm provides an exceptionally efficient solution to secure the wallet


Unido provides decentralised storage of private keys so that your cryptocurrency accounts are secured and distributed amongst the users of the business accounts. Even with a single user, the two factor authentication locks accounts to a device creating a truly versatile wallet application.


Unido’s core distributed signing technology ensures that users maintain control of their accounts at all times 


Download Unido on the Google Play and Apple App Store






Common Questions Answered


Is the Unido wallet secure?

Unido uses a multi-level security model with minimum participation requirements. All wallets are protected using up-to-date asymmetric encryption, ensuring that no one except your has access to your wallets.

Significant time and effort has been taken to test the safety of the wallets, and safety features are constantly being added. One of the most effective safety features is the use of unique derivative keys which protect your wallet against all unauthorized access now and in the future.

How many cryptocurrencies does Unido wallet support?

Unido currently has support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin. Our smart currency bridging system allows us to quickly add new currencies and we expect to add support for Ripple and EOS shortly. 

What are the advantages of multi-signature?

Multi-signature can offer benefits in many ways:
Firstly, multi-signature can be used to assist with second-factor authentication and cold paper wallet storage.
Secondly, they can assist groups and companies in fairly governing their wallets by requiring each transaction get approved by a minimum amount of members.

Are there any limits to the number of people in a wallet?

The current maximum amount of members in a single wallet is 15. As our wallets are based on fundamental properties of mathematics, transactional operations on a wallet become exponentially more difficult as the number of signitories increases.

Can Unido wallet be used to pay for the products and services?

Unido wallets can be used to purchase products and services like any other wallet.

Can I recover my account if I lose my phone?

All users are advised to store their backup phrase in a safe location, and to choose a password with a helpful hint near their backup phrase. Any person with the backup phrase and the chosen password is able to recover their account on any device without loss of data.
The Unido server will retain full account information and history and will be able to re-issue the required keys for the wallets that user is a member of. These keys are stored using asymmetrical encryption on our server, which means that no system or user can decrypt and read your keys.

Can I still use my wallet if the Unido service is terminated?

All created wallets are owned by their members and are recoverable externally to Unido by following the steps in opur technical recovery guide. For each wallet to be recovered, your group must gather currently issued keys to satisfy the number of required signatories for that wallet and then follow the Unido apocalyptic wallet recovery guide to secure the private key for that wallet and transfer all currency to a different blockchain wallet.


Download Unido on the Google Play and Apple App Store