A Glimpse into Unido’s new Web Wallet, features, and functions

14 October 2021

Unido is excited to announce some brand-new features and upgrades to our web wallet and app!

New features include:

  • A streamlined filtering system.
  • A revised log-in interface that uses QR codes on your smartphone to grant you access to make changes within the platform
  • A new layout and navigation for individual wallets

To see a demonstration of our new features first-hand, watch our video here:

The Power of Mobile

Unido’s tech team has successfully developed some new features on our platform — the ability to sign in to your account using your phone by scanning a QR code and using your mobile to sign transactions within the wallet.

When first visiting the wallet log-in page, users can scan the QR code with their mobile phones and confirm their log-in. This new feature gives enterprises and their teams a new way to access their accounts from anywhere in the world and adds a new layer of security and protection via a mobile phone.

Mobile phones also have a much more significant role in the platform’s security, which you can read more about below.

Unido Security Model

The mobile phone app is a critical piece of security when it comes to the Unido platform. Whether you would like to sign in to your account or make changes in your business, you will need a mobile phone and the Unido app.

Not only will mobile phones play an integral part in validating identities at the surface level, but it also has a vital role in assigning members and signatories for wallet transactions, enforcing changes, reaching consensus, Etc.

Essentially, the mobile phone will act as a ‘signer’ that permits people with the proper privileges on the platform to assign members to specific accounts, allows users to confirm changes before integration, and serves as a part of critical security infrastructure to the overall Unido platform.

Streamlined Filtering & Navigation

The Web Wallet has a new layout for wallets and navigation. One entirely new upgrade is our filtering feature, a comprehensive set of tools that allows users to list wallets (businesses can set up hundreds of different wallets) by cryptocurrency, and an advanced filtering system for quick navigation.

Users can see detailed information about transactions and a separate menu with a tagging system that shows individual members, different tags, and signatories by clicking on individual wallets.

Members and signatories are a critical component of Unido’s security model via a smartphone security layer. By using a phone, users can add or remove different members of organizations, reach consensus, and even approve transactions.

Smartphones are also integral for necessary actions within the application like adding or removing members from individual wallets, changing the number of required signatories,

Stay tuned; we will be releasing new videos in the future of our new tech updates, including:

  • Managing wallets, addresses, and contracts
  • Business management/treasury management portal
  • Transaction signing
  • Managing governance and permissions on the platform

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