The Complete Guide to Holding Unido (UDO) Tokens and Earning Rewards

04 June 2021

With the recent launch of the Unido Liquidity Mining program (ULM), UDO token holders now have access to numerous one-sided and two-sided liquidity pools in which UDO can be staked to earn attractive liquidity mining and liquidity pooling rewards.

Depending on your earnings goals and your preferred trading pairs, there are many investment channels that users can now participate in. Three of the main staking services are as below.

Unido Liquidity Mining Program (ULM)

To understand how the ULM works, it is important to first understand liquidity pools and liquidity mining.

Liquidity pools are created when funds from investors (who are called liquidity providers) are pooled together. The funds that are pooled are usually provided in pairs (such as the UDO-ETH pair), although there can be single-fund pools as well.

You can think of these pooled funds as a replacement to the order books used with traditional exchanges. Instead of executing trades from an order book based on buy orders, sell orders, and available liquidity, the general public can trade with pooled funds thanks to automated market makers (AMMs), which are smart contract-powered protocols that govern the buying and selling of funds in the pool.

Tokens can be added to the pool as long as they are supported by the underlying platform. The ULM program currently supports two-sided staking in two different pairs: UDO/USDC and UDO/ETH.

By depositing funds to a pool, ULM investors can earn trading fees from the trades that are executed from their pool. They can also earn staking rewards that are dictated by the specific pool and/or platform that is in use. For example, some UDO staking pools provide rewards in the form of UDO, while others provide earnings/payouts in the form of other tokens. The earnings they receive are proportional to their share of the total liquidity of the pool.

The ULM program comes with the following benefits:

  • Attractive APY (150%+) that is disbursed in the form of UDO tokens.
  • LPs have the opportunity to claim a free VPN via Unido’s partnership with SpiderDAO.
  • Users support Unido and add market depth and liquidity by investing in ecosystem trading pools.

A useful guide to getting started with liquidity mining on Unido and participating in the ULM program can be found here.


Unifarm is an innovative DeFi product that allows users to stake one token and earn multiple tokens as rewards. In the ULM described above, users stake UDO against either USDC or ETH and earn UDO tokens as rewards. Unifarm staking, however, is one-sided; you do not need to contribute two tokens as a pair to a liquidity pool and you can stake UDO only. This staking takes place on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that features low-cost trading and high-performance/high-speed transaction settlement.

By staking UDO on Unifarm, UDO token holders can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed APY between 36% — 250%.
  • The opportunity to diversify your portfolio by staking UDO and receiving UDO, COOK, UMB, ORO, and UFARM tokens (5 for 1).
  • Access is provided via BSC which comes with lower transaction fees than other liquidity mining and DeFi chains.

To get started with staking your UDO tokens on Unifarm to earn 5-to-1 token rewards, please review the quick-start tutorial here.

wUDO with PancakeSwap

UDO is also available on PancakeSwap and our liquidity pool with USDC is live there as well. You can start adding liquidity to $wUDO/$USDC pair now. The approximate APY is 8–9%.

To covert your ERC 20 UDO to BSC wUDO, we have partnered with AllianceBlock. The bridging dashboard can be accessed at for swapping from ERC to BSC (and BSC to ERC). Cost of bridging transaction is 1 $ALBT + network gas on both sides.

$UDO BSC Contract Address: 0x70802af0ba10dd5bb33276b5b37574b6451db3d9

Click below to access the trading pair:

Buying Unido Tokens

All of the mining, staking, and investment programs above require Unido (UDO) tokens, so where can you obtain UDO to get started?

The best places to obtain UDO are by signing up at or by connecting your wallet to Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

  • The signup process is straightforward. Sign up, deposit funds, and purchase UDO via the pair with the token or funds you deposited.
  • For Uniswap, you must first connect a wallet that contains crypto funds such as ETH. You can then swap those tokens for UDO to receive UDO proportional to the value of tokens swapped.

To learn more about the Unido vision of enterprise-grade decentralized capital market services, please visit the Unido homepage here. You can also download the Unido wallet app for iOS or Android and find Unido on Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn.

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