Unido Talks: Founders Spotlight – Chris Weddle

20 June 2022


This is the first in our mini-series that spotlight our founders. In this episode we sit down with Chris Weddle the CEO and founder of Unido. He discusses his background in bespoke software development. He highlights the origin of the project and what problems he was seeing that lead him to create the set of DeFi products built to service SMEs

Chris’ background

Chris is an entrepreneur and tech wizard from Australia. He has worked in building bespoke software for various clients. He takes us through the landscape of 2017 and how there was a consistent demand from his clients that needed custody solutions for crypto assets.

After building several custom software solutions for his clients he realized there was a market gap for digital asset custody. In the following year he began building out a team that ticked all of the boxes to launch the startup, PAC blockchain, that built Unido.

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Show highlights 

  • “It was about that time around about 2017 when we started looking very closely at blockchain technology, as I said, realizing that tools were needed. But we didn't really have a firm handle on where the opportunity would really be and what was really needed. We haven't immersed ourselves that deeply at that point. As we'd always been a company that was doing software development.” - 4:33


  • What are some things you've learned through the previous bull and bear cycles in crypto? “If you believe in the you know, the use case for these. You know, like Bitcoin and so on, and you believe in the economics of the coin. Then how can it do anything other than go up in value over time? – 29:50


  • What are small and medium size enterprises looking for in a DeFi product? “Those are all the fundamentals of what businesses need in this space. And then also the governance side of it. And we've already talked about that- super important to have that governance in place. So it's all good and well to have all of those things. But if, if there's a governance mechanism that is  not secure in its implementation. I mean, by which, I mean, you know, you could do something quite flimsy and centrally, but it simply wouldn't be secure enough. Then, you know, that would be a no-go as well. So a properly implemented highly secure governance mechanisms that can't be circumvented even centrally is very important.” - 35:10


  • Could you talk a bit about, about the “DeFi vault” that Unido is building? “So what we're going to do is, is have a system that allows you to track from under the banner of Unido within the software where your funds are. So if it has gone outside of your wallet say you've got a Unido wallet and you put some funds into a network, a DeFi network, you will still see those funds.” -37:38

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About Unido  

Unido offers enterprise-level crypto self-custody solutions for SMEs, sophisticated corporations and institutions that want to leap into crypto, invest in DeFi and provide crypto access to their customers.   

Our technology is based on a state-of-the-art fragmented private key-signing engine that enables enterprises to distribute transaction signing at the blockchain level. That, combined with our user-friendly dashboard and point-and-click business tools, provides enterprises with the level of corporate governance workflow and security they require to confidently do business on the blockchain.   


About Unido EP  

Unido EP takes the complexity and expense out of digital asset management for organizations with sophisticated corporate governance needs. Our patented, end-to-end platform seamlessly automates corporate governance and self-custody of crypto assets so you can securely store, manage and invest in crypto without massive overheads.   

Unido EP comes with a web-based dashboard and a decentralized application (dApp) featuring a robust set of DeFi tools, easy-to-set-up authority regimes and iron-clad security. All of this is inside a complete digital asset management platform, built with financial institutions in mind but tailor-made for any organization or individual’s needs.  

Learn more:  

·                     https://www.unido.us/  

·                     https://www.linkedin.com/company/unidocore/  

·                     https://discord.com/invite/cs5HeDDmDY  

·                     https://twitter.com/UnidoEP  

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