Unido Product Roadmap Q2 2021

14 April 2021

After a very positive end to Q1, which we recently summarized in our March Madness article, the team are continuing to build on these strong foundations to ramp up development of the Unido ecosystem with an even stronger few months to come!

Today, we are pleased to reveal the product roadmap for Q2 of 2021 and provide an insight for what’s in store for the Unido ecosystem.

  • Platform support for Tezos

In preparation for Moonstake, we will be adding support for Tezos in the Unido wallet. This will be the first of many cross-chain bridges we will be adding to enable interoperability with Unido products.

  • Platform support for TRON

Following our partnership with LGCY Network, we will be adding TRON support to fully integrate with their network. Together with LGCY, we will create an interoperable custody solution that will accommodate the incoming wave of institutional investors seeking exposure to digital assets.

Moonstake will be our first staking provider integration. We will be listing the Moonstake validator pools in our DeFi options interface, enabling Unido clients to easily and securely invest their crypto assets in Moonstake staking pools via the Unido DeFi Vault to generate additional yield on their assets.

  • Substrate Testnet Deployment

In the first phase of the transition to Polkadot, we will start with the testnet deployment on the substrate network. Testing will commence with 12 synchronised nodes. Once we have created a Proof of Concept for the Unido working token, we will subsequently move to the next phase of development and join the Substrate Builders Program.

  • Unido Wallet Upgrades

We will be releasing a series of major upgrades for the Unido Wallet:

User Permissions System: This will be the first upgrade we will be implementing for the wallet which will provide users with a higher degree of customisation to create transaction workflows, user types and access tiers within the Unido wallet.

Transaction Reporting and Tracking Tools: Businesses generate a significant amount of transactions whilst interacting with clients, vendors, suppliers and internal stakeholders as part of day to day operations. To support these business processes, we will upgrade the Unido Wallet with advanced reporting and tracking tools to enable corporate teams to view transactions, generate reports and prove authenticity in just a few clicks.

DeFi Dashboard: We will be launching our DeFi Dashboard, an intrinsic part of the Unido Enterprise Platform which will provide a simple overview of investment options and 1-click investing into a plethora of decentralized protocols & staking opportunities. This will be augmented by the Web3 wallet integration, providing additional security and eliminating single point of failure risk.

There are even more exciting features we will be announcing later in 2021 to continue evolving our Unido Insto and Unido EP solution product suite. So stay tuned for more.

About Unido

Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets. It enables institutions & corporate clients to securely store, manage and invest their crypto assets into decentralized finance networks. Unido is underpinned by proprietary key signing technology that provides enterprise-grade security for any transaction which utilizes it.

Founded in 2017 and with a market-ready product, Unido is led by an experienced team of ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Macquarie and ex-Wipro with decades of experience in enterprise software development, financial services and agency blockchain development.

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