Unido Pre-TGE Announcement

03 March 2021

Polkastarter IDO

The first event of the $UDO TGE will be the Unido IDO on Polkastarter. The launch of the IDO will commence at 2 PM UTC. Here is relevant information for those who have been whitelisted to participate in the IDO.

The list of whitelisted wallets is available in the following links.

Please note that you must have passed KYC in order to participate. Whitelisted participants who have not passed KYC will not be able to take part in the $UDO Polkastarter IDO.

The list of whitelisted wallets that have passed KYC is available in the following link.

Emails regarding the KYC process have been sent out before to ensure that everyone has enough time to pass the KYC procedure.

Here are the relevant statistics for the Unido IDO on Polkastarter. Please note that there are 2 separate pools, one for POLS holders and another for non-POLS holder:

  • Total raise: $100,000 USD
  • Maximum allocation per participant, POLS holder: $277 USD
  • Maximum allocation per participant, non-POLS holder: $227 USD

Uniswap Listing

Shortly after the Unido IDO on Polkastarter, $UDO will be listed on Uniswap. The exact time of the launch has not been revealed to protect the traders from fake Unido tokens, malicious bot attacks, and other fraudulent activities.

At the time of listing, direct links to the trading pair will be provided.

Please note that DEX listings are often impacted by bot attacks. These attacks may create high volatility during the first 15 to 30 minutes of trading.

Please trade responsibly.

Information Flow

The Unido team is dedicated to growing with the community. We believe the best way to establish this is by having a clear flow of information. For this purpose, we are publishing our information flow as the following.

  • All announcements will be posted first on the official Unido Twitter account.
  • The same information will then be shared in the official Unido Announcement Channel on Telegram.
  • Previously-posted Medium articles will be updated with the most current information.
  • Shortly before the IDO commences, the official Telegram group will be muted.

We hope you can benefit directly from having a clear view of how every announcement will be released.

Official Links

Here are the official links on which you will find current information. All other links are unofficial, and therefore should not be trusted as the venue on which you can receive official information.

Protecting Your Investment

Please be aware that there are fake Telegram groups impersonating Unido, and other fake profiles impersonating either the members of the team or the community moderators.

There are no secret whitelists, open investment slots, or an alternative method to purchase $UDO.

All information can be verified by asking in the official community, linked above.

We look forward to welcoming you as the latest $UDO token holders.

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