Unido Pre-Series A Round

26 June 2023

Unido’s secure crypto self-custody solution with distributed wallet ownership, seamless fund sharing, and comprehensive crypto banking tools have caught the attention of VDF Ventures (UK) and TechLAB Innovation Center (Silicon Valley) as the project embarks on its next capital raising round.  

With the Unido Pre-Series A Round scheduled to commence in July 2023, Unido is partnering with investors who share its vision for a more inclusive and accessible crypto ecosystem. This funding round, headed by Unido developer PAC Blockchain, comes on the back of strong user growth - 150% month on month since product launch mid last year.  

Unido leverages advanced multi-party computation to seamlessly tackle crypto self-custodial challenges, empowering individuals and businesses to securely manage their digital assets.  

It's a product which is much needed as the trend towards self-custody of digital assets has gained significant popularity, particularly in light of recent incidents involving the collapse of centralized custodial services (FTX, 3 Arrows Capital and others). 

"Whether they be individuals with large holdings, crypto native investors, or traditional finance players… large holders are leading the way in movements of funds from centralized services to personal wallets."
- Chainalysis – December 2022

These collapses have further accelerated and intensified the shift towards individuals and businesses managing and safeguarding their own digital assets. 

Unido is the ultimate self-custodial platform that empowers individuals and businesses to effortlessly overcome crypto self-custodial challenges by mitigating the risks of potential loss or theft, eliminating key person risk, and enabling seamless sharing and co-management of funds through distributed wallet ownership and comprehensive crypto banking management tools.  

Partnership for Marketing and Product Growth 

Partnering with VDF Capital for strategic guidance and TechLAB Innovation Center for investor relations is a step forward for Unido.  

There are few competitors in the MPC market and that the most comparable - FireBlocks, which focuses on solving the needs of large businesses and institutions - boasts a market cap of $8 billion. 

Unido, with its patented tech, strategic positioning, and multiple features has everything it takes to disrupt this space. Its growth potential is particularly evident as more and more users are adopting the Unido wallet and utilizing their services daily for security, governance and decentralized trading. 

The early achievements of the UDO token highlight the confidence of retail investors in $UDO and the capability of Unido's team to deliver, making it a serious solution to consider for potential investors looking to diversify their portfolio and capitalize on the growth of the cryptocurrency market. 

Unido enables individuals and enterprises (SMEs and beyond) to seamlessly manage their crypto assets and invest into DeFi Markets, by providing an enterprise grade platform with DeFi and crypto banking management tools.

For more about Unido including enterprise-level solutions and latest updates visit the Unido website

The Unido Enterprise Platform:  

  • World Class Security    
  • Multi-user, Multi-signature   
  • Analytics and Reporting   
  • Interoperability and Multichain   
  • Decentralized Self-Custody   
  • Visit the Unido Website  

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