Unido Partners With OpenDeFi To Support Capital Deployment Into Tokenized Real-World Assets via the Unido Enterprise Wallet

02 June 2021

OpenDeFi is tokenizing real world assets which are fully backed by physical assets and held by a custodian, providing institutions with the peace of mind that their capital is secure.Not only this, but OpenDeFi assets are tradable with Zero Price Slippage, making them a categorically better option for institutional investors than traditional markets. Our collaboration with OpenDeFi will help advance our vision — to enable clients to manage and invest their digital assets — by providing our clients with an ever-growing suite of “point and click” capital deployment options, enabling users to capitalise on their digital assets.

These new asset-backed investment options will enable Unido to cater to more conservative clients who wish to diversify their digital asset holding with less volatile assets, that are more closely correlated to traditional finance markets. We believe providing this range of capital deployment options is an important step in bridging Traditional Finance with Decentralised Finance.

Beyond gold and silver assets, users will also be able to purchase $ORO, $UFARM and, over time, an ever-growing suite of digital assets, as OpenDeFi continue expanding their repertoire of tokenized real-world assets via the OpenDeFi protocol. These will all be available via the Unido Wallet App and the web-based Unido Enterprise Platform Dashboard for Banking and Enterprise clients once this is launched.

“We recognize that regular crypto represents only a portion of the risk appetite profile of many investors, so adding commodity-class investments which are held on chain, increases the appeal of digital assets to a wider audience. Adding OpenDefi to the EP platform makes a lot of sense to achieve this.”

 Michael Swan, Chief Commercial Officer, Unido

OpenDeFi quote:

“Unido is very aligned with the ethos of what we’re trying to at OpenDeFi. The emphasis in institutional investment that both projects have makes this one of the most synergistic partnerships we’ve done to date. The Unido EP platform coupled with OpenDeFi real world assets will usher in a wave of new investment from traditional finance to DeFi.”

— Mohit Madan, Co-Founder and CEO, OroPocket

About Open DeFi

OpenDeFi are tokenising real world assets which are 100% insured, backed by an actual physical asset and held by a custodian, ensuring your interest is held paramount. They are never held by the company. This enables institutions to be able to invest in this space as well.

About Unido

Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets. It enables institutions & corporate clients to securely store, manage and invest their crypto assets into decentralized finance networks. Unido is underpinned by proprietary key signing technology that provides enterprise-grade security for any transaction which utilizes it.

Founded in 2017 and with a market-ready product, Unido is led by an experienced team of ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Macquarie and ex-Wipro with decades of experience in enterprise software development, financial services and agency blockchain development.

To learn more about UNIDO, visit https://www.unido.us

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