Unido partners with Allianceblock to bridge Traditional Finance with DeFi

28 April 2021

Australia— 28th April 2021 — Unido is pleased to announce a partnership with AllianceBlock ($ALBT), who are building the first globally compliant decentralized capital market. The AllianceBlock Protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that automates the process of converting any digital or crypto asset into a bankable product.

As part of the partnership, Unido will utilize AllianceBlock’s Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS) product, which allows users to easily provide liquidity and manage their positions. Upon feature release, this will also include Single Sided Liquidity Provisioning (SSLP), which will enable stakers to stake solely $UDO and benefit from the same rewards as providing dual-pair liquidity.

Unido will integrate the AllianceBlock product set into the Unido Enterprise Platform (EP) to offer institutional investors a compelling data suite within the platform. This includes the likes of AllianceBlock’s Trustless KYC/AML and Identity Verification products. AllianceBlock will also utilize the Unido multi-party signing engine as part of their on-chain transactions which involve multiple parties agreeing to a transaction.

Rachid Ajaja, Co-Founder and CEO of AllianceBlock commented:

Unido shares our philosophy of bridging traditional finance with DeFi, through their products that offer enterprises a way to invest in crypto assets and to access DeFi opportunities. Their focus on security and efficient interoperability is similarly in line with our own ethos. We look forward to working with Unido moving forward to implement on a range of measures to meet this vision.

Michael Swan, Unido Chief Commercial Officer commented:

Alliance Block solves the very real issue of standardized data for digital assets and provisioning of liquidity. Their solution is very complimentary to Unido’s custody and decentralized capital markets access platform, making them a perfect partner.

About Unido

Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets. It enables institutions & corporate clients to securely store, manage and invest their crypto assets into decentralized finance networks. Unido is underpinned by proprietary key signing technology that provides enterprise-grade security for any transaction which utilizes it.

Founded in 2017 and with a market-ready product, Unido is led by an experienced team of ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Macquarie and ex-Wipro with decades of experience in enterprise software development, financial services and agency blockchain development.

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