Unido NFT Hunt Starts Now!

23 September 2021

We officially reached the end of the Unido-themed NFT Art portion and have entered the second leg of the Unido NFT Contest! Do you know what that means?

Here’s your shot at becoming the next NFT Star by winning the Grand Prize of 20,000 $wUDO + Unido NFTs, starting this Wednesday!

The first person to acquire 1 whole Unido-themed NFT will win $wUDO 20,000 + and a Unido NFT!

NFT Hunt — The Adventure Begins

10% of the NFT Token is given to the winner of our NFT Art Contest — Crypto Astroman. The remaining 90% of the $NFT token is now open for hunting.

The first winning NFT which is up for hunt is called ‘Unido We Stand ($UWS)’ by Crypto Astroman

Here’s the participant’s entry.

We have minted the first NFT Token (BEP 20)for the competition and it is called ‘Unido We Stand’. The ticker for the token is $UWS and can be found on BSC Scan.

Contract Address- 0xCf7a28E8c832850408f96960B3c170d894930C27

BSC Scan — Unido We Stand (UWS) Token Tracker | BscScan
PancakeSwap — UWS — PancakeSwap

  1. You will be assigned tasks regularly throughout the 30-day span, and those winners who fully and satisfactorily complete the charges will be rewarded small portions of the NFT ($UWS) for the competition.
  2. New tasks will be announced via our Twitter and Telegram channels.
  3. The winners of each task will be awarded a fraction of our NFT ($UWS) Tokens once tasks are completed.
  4. A secondary trading market will be established to acquire NFT fragments to get closer to winning or sell fragments they have earned for profit. Some of the NFT fragments will be added to the liquidity pool.
  5. The first person to collect 1 entire NFT ($UWS) will win 20,000 $wUDO (from the 60,000 $wUDO prize pool; up to 3 NFT hunts will result in 3 separate 20,000 $wUDO prize winnings).

How Many Days for Each Hunt?

30 days

NFT Award Schedule

Day 1–3: 0.2 $UWS
Day 4–9: 0.1 $UWS
Day 10–13: 0.1 $UWS
Day 14–18: 0.1 $UWS
Day 18–24: 0.2 $UWS
Day 24–26: 0.2 $UWS
Day 27–31: 0 NFT award

*These 5 days are for you to either buy from PancakeSwap or trade between each other. Create an NFT pool like a stake pool and distribute the share or collect by negotiating. It’s up to you.

3 Ways to Earn Unido NFTs

1. Winning the NFT Art Contest and receiving 0.1 NFT ($UWS)

2. Completing Tasks assigned by the Unido team during the competition period.

3. Purchasing NFT ($UWS) fragments on PancakeSwap. Unido will establish a $[UWS]/$wUDO liquidity pool for each minted NFT. We may also add liquidity mining to earn NFT rewards — more on that later!

NFT Prize Breakdown

1. The top 10 holders at 12 a.m. UTC on the 20th day of each NFTs existence will receive an airdrop of $wUDO per the following schedule (highest balance to the 10th highest balance): 2000, 1500, 1000, 850, 750, 500, 400, 200, 100, 50 (if any wallets have the same balance, the positions will be determined based on who achieved the balance first).

2. On the 30th day of the NFTs existence at 11:50 p.m. UTC, a single wallet that holds the entire single token will receive a $wUDO 20,000 airdrop along with the NFT and be named grand champion.

3. If no single wallet holds 1 NFT by the end of the hunt, the Top 10 winners will be distributed a pool of 20,000 $wUDO as following:

Winner: 10,000 $wUDO

Runner Up: 5,000 $wUDO

Ranks 3–10: 625 $wUDO

Terms and Conditions for NFT Hunt

  • Tasks will be announced only on our Twitter and Telegram accounts. You will receive NFT rewards after you complete the assigned tasks and Team Unido has verified the activity.
  • All the lucky winners will be selected based on a random basis. Suppose no single person, or several people, cannot collect one entire NFT token in the 30-day time frame. In that case, we will potentially announce further extensions to the NFT hunt as needed (keep your eyes out for any official announcements directly from the Unido team).
  • Rewards will be distributed once the competition ends
  • Unido also reserves the right to change, cancel, or alter the contest’s rules at our sole discretion.
  • Unido reserves the right to disqualify any entry that tries to cheat the contest’s rules with any malpractice.

Still, have questions? Join our Telegram by clicking here and get help from the community now

🔴 Please make sure you use the same BSC wallet throughout the competition to appear on our user dashboard, highlighting the top NFT earners.

NFT Art Contest Winners

We also wanted to send congratulations to all 3 of our Unido-themed NFT art contest Winners! We wish we could’ve picked them all!

Learn more about our project by visiting https://www.unido.us/.

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