Unido Growth Potential: Get Ready - New Features, Utility and Payment Plans

12 April 2023

The two last articles of this series covered Undo's ecosystem growth potential and how its native token, $UDO, plays into that growth.  

The platform's global marketing campaign started in mid-2022. As the result, Unido has increased its user base by 171% compared to the last quarter of 2022 and the demand for $UDO has also grown steadily throughout the campaign.

Unido is always working on new features for its users, and this post is about one in particular: the platform's new payment plans. Unido will be launching the first plan in the second quarter of this year, followed by retail and business plans later in the year.

But before we get to the plan details, let's review some of the exciting platform updates and some of the new features that are being developed right now:   

Unido's Recent Integrations 

Unido recently integrated with Transak to help users buy and sell crypto inside the Unido app using fiat currencies like USD. 

Wallet Connect 
Unido also joined hands with Wallet Connect. This enables users to use their favorite DeFi platforms with Unido, while benefiting from the added security of Unido's advanced multi-member, multi-signing features - bringing added safety and security to every transaction.

And that isn't all. Here's a sneak preview of what the dev team is working on right now: 

Upcoming features 

Embedded Uniswap  

Wallet Connect was a notable addition to Unido's DeFi capability - but the best is yet to come:
The dev team has developed and is now testing direct integration to Uniswap. This complex interaction helps users to swap crypto assets inside the platform - no need to visit any external website, or even use Wallet Connect! Unido will be one of the few wallets out there which has this capability.   

Enterprise Tools

Unido is focused on developing the best solution for enterprise-level crypto asset management and security. So the team is working on introducing some new tools for Unido's enterprise users to help make their experience better. Stay posted for more details on these important new features, as the are unique to Unido.

But perhaps the most important aspect of accommodating Unido's growing user base are the new payment plans:  

Unido Payment Plans 

Unido helps users manage crypto with its patented multi-party transaction system, better self-custody of its users' crypto, and corporate governance solutions.  

But using Unido's awesome features does require some resources. That's why when new users sign-up, they'll get $5 worth of $UDO credits* so users can get started experiencing these features without worrying about about fees.   

Those credits will run out when users start transacting on the platform - so how do they get more and keep using Unido?  That's where the new payment plans come in:

Unido users have two main payment options.  

Options 1: Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan 

Under this option, users only have to pay a small fee of 0.2% per transaction. 

There is no minimum fee with this option, unlike the Starter Plan

Under this plan, users will need to keep their billing wallet (used for paying fees in UDO) in positive balance.

Option 2: Starter Plan 

The PAYG plan is the default option, but for volume users, or those who prefer a monthly fee, the Starter Plan provides an option.

In this plan, users pay an even smaller, 0.165%, transaction fee on their transactions. However, there is a minimum fee of $10/month.  

Other options  

If you're a business or high volume user and neither of these options hits the spot for you, don't worry. - Unido has you covered.  

Contact Unido's team for other plan options with scaling minimum fees but even lower transaction fees. 

Note: *$UDO credits can be used to pay for transaction fees and other expenses on the Unido platform. Please note that terms and conditions will apply to these plans and will be announced closer to the implementation date of the payment plans.

How Users Can Pay Plan Fees 

Users can pay their dues using any of the major cryptocurrencies, including ETH, USDC, USDT, BTC, BNB, and of course, $UDO. 

Note that there is a week-long time limit that users have to settle their fees once they receive their invoices.  

The invoice will list the following: 

• The date range for the fee calculation period 

• The summary of the transaction value outbound for the period 

• The total account fees based on the above 

The system will automatically set up the bill for the user, payable using $UDO by default. Unido will also set up the option to pay using the second-most abundant cryptocurrency by wallet balance if the user is all out of $UDO. 

The new payment plans are a huge milestone for Unido. It is the culmination of lots of work, including the recent marketing efforts, making $UDO more valuable and increasing its demand. 

How all of this plays into Unido's vision and its potential for growth in 2023 

Since platform launch in mid-2022, Unido has seen significant user growth. During the first quarter of 2023, the user acquisition rate increased by 174% compared to Q4 2022. This shows great potential for Unido's growth during the rest of 2023. 

The platform's potential is reinforced by its unique ability to address a significant industry challenge: providing secure crypto self-custody and management for individuals, enterprises, and institutions.

$UDO has also seen some tremendous growth in the past couple of months alone. During the first two months of 2023, the coin's market capitalization grew by no less than 300%. Perhaps this is an indication of things to come, given that users require $UDO token to access Unido's services. The in-app utility of the token, combined with the rapidly rising number of users makes the case for the growth potential of $UDO. 

Unido enables individuals and enterprises (SMEs and beyond) to seamlessly manage their crypto assets and invest into DeFi Markets, by providing an enterprise grade platform with DeFi and crypto banking management tools.

For more about Unido including enterprise-level solutions and latest updates visit the Unido website

The Unido Enterprise Platform:  

  • World Class Security    
  • Multi-user, Multi-signature   
  • Analytics and Reporting   
  • Interoperability and Multichain   
  • Decentralized Self-Custody   
  • Visit the Unido Website  

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