New Hire: Sebastian Pereira Gutierrez

29 June 2022

After two years working in the blockchain industry, Sebastian has managed to switch full time into the web 3 economy. Now as a crypto native, he's been able to work on many projects across all the different industries in the blockchain world.  

Since going full time into the web 3 industry, Sebastian has written for many projects such as: Dragon Evolution, ArbSwap, Remitano, Firebird Finance, OmniBolt, NFTRelay and many others. In that time, he managed to learn a lot about the current and future trends in the blockchain space.

To help introduce Sebastian into our community, we went over a few basic questions with him. Please enjoy!

1. What excites you about Unido?

The holistic approach to the development of enterprise grade blockchain technology. The future of the industry lies in attracting companies and institutional players into the ecosystem. But to do so, the technology deployed has to meet a higher standard of security and usability. Unido is addressing both.

2. What are some of the milestones you look forward to?

The launch of the staking campaign. This is a crucial feature of modern blockchain projects and one that communities always look forward to. 

3. What are some of the challenges you are looking to tackle?

Communication -- blockchain technology can be very abstract. If it's not explained in a way that can be easily digested then it can get lost among all the technical terms. Many projects that have excellent products and cutting-edge development fail to communicate them to the public and lose momentum as a result. 

I think this area is where most of my time will be directed to.   

4. Where do you see Unido in 5 years and how will it get there?

I think I see it as one of the most dynamic DAOs in the entire blockchain industry. One that has united the retail and enterprise-level in one single project. DAOs are among the most meaningful innovations in the entire global market and I believe they'll dominate the future economy.  

I think to get there the main piece is community building. I think the foundations of that future have to be laid early in the development of the project.  

5. Any last thoughts or words for Unido community?

Just keep an eye on the blockchain industry. We're entering the stage where technology begins to mature and that is the crucial stage in the adoption curve.  

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