Buy Crypto Directly in Unido

08 November 2022

We are excited to unveil our second new feature, buying crypto directly on Unido EP. We have partnered with Transack, which supports 100+ cryptocurrencies on 75+ blockchains via cards, bank transfers, and other payment methods in 125+ countries. 

Now, in Unido every user has a one-stop place to get all most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens for investment. Each purchase is automatically deposited into your Unido wallet of choice, without the need for any intermediaries and cutting all those pesky withdrawal fees. 

The steps to buy in Unido are very simple and are outlined in our demo:

Once the KYC steps are completed, you won’t have to repeat them later. The entire process is reduced to a mere few minutes from that point forward. Once the funds arrive at the wallet address you have selected, they are yours.  

Just make sure the blockchain and the cryptocurrency or token selected are from the same network. If you are buying BTC, make sure it’s to your Bitcoin wallet. If you are buying a token from Ethereum or BNB Smart Chain, double check the wallet is from the correct network.  

We have streamlined the process of buying crypto from our platform’s interface. Now, you can directly go from fiat to crypto on your Unido wallet. Additionally, you can use Wallet Connect to access all the best DeFi platform on the industry immediately. The world of cryptocurrencies is now under the control of your hands.  

Unido Boiler Plate 

Unido EP is an out of the box complete crypto custody solution. Our platform allows individuals and businesses of all sizes the ability to easily customize controls over their crypto assets. By using our interface, anyone can create a crypto wallet, share control to several users, and set a minimum set of approvals for each transaction.  

Unido EP comes with a web-based dashboard and a decentralized application (dApp). Our platform is poised to create a new standard on crypto asset security delivered to the hands of every type of crypto user. Join us now in our journey to transform crypto asset management.   

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