Participate in Unido’s NFT Contest. 60,000 UDO Up For Grabs!

27 August 2021

‘Unido is excited to announce the Unido NFT Contest to help us celebrate our PancakeSwap listing and wrap up Binance Smart Chain Week! And to make sure we are making the most of ultra-low gas fees on BSC, we have decided to launch an NFT contest where you, the Unido-er, must actively hunt down and earn several portions of our fragmented NFTs. What’s in it for you? How about a sensational 20,000 $wUDO prize (3 total NFTs up for grabs) each time for completing several competition activities and tasks?

*Important — Read full blog to know all the details of the competition.

To get this competition kicked off, we are calling on all artists, designers, and graphics wizards today to help us design the ultimate ‘Unido-themed’ NFT to be included in our NFT hunt.

As the NFT boom continues to overtake the cryptocurrency space, Unido wanted to launch an NFT Contest to help us commemorate our ecosystem’s growth on Binance Smart Chain and highlight the Unido-er community’s talents and passions by releasing our NFTs on BSC.

We are on the hunt to find truly remarkable non-fungible designs and artworks that reflect Unido’s values and our mission: to become the only total solution for enterprise crypto management.

Who knows, we might soon be looking at the next Bored Ape or Artblocks from our very own community!


  • Unido NFT Art Contest opens for digital art (digital art, images, animations, video, Etc.) submissions now.
  • Deadline for submissions: September 4, 2021, at 11:59 PM GMT
  • Submit the attachments using the form below
  • *No submissions will be accepted after the submission deadline, so make sure you enter in time.

Art Contest — Submit your NFT Art and Win!

Unido-ers, or any artist, now is your opportunity to show us your design and creative skills by helping us make an official Unido-themed NFT! The winning NFTs will become the central pieces to our NFT hunt and will earn three artists a handsome reward for helping us bring our NFT collection to life.

Once our submission deadline has ended, Unido’s team of experts will shortlist the top NFTs for the Community Voting. This voting will take place on our Twitter channel where we will upload all the entries mentioning of their creator’s twitter accounts in the tweet.

Then, the top 3 NFT artists with the most likes, retweets, and comments will be selected as the artworks to be minted. The Winner NFT will receive 10% of their NFT as consideration for their artwork and rewarding their participation. Hold On! There is more in the hunt.

How do I enter?

Enter the Unido NFT Art Contest by uploading your artwork directly to our Form here by September 4, 2021 (11:59 PM GMT)

Submission Guidelines and Rules

  • Maximum File size — 6 MB
  • File types — JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4, MOV, WMV
  • Use this link to submit your files. Only followers of Unido’s twitter account will be considered for scoring.
  • All images must be original, verifiable, and contain no copyrighted visuals or information.
  • Entrants are welcome and encouraged to use Unido and BSC logos for the contest. (You can access Unido Logos here).
  • Unido reserves the right to disqualify any entry that contains offensive, plagiarized content. Unido team will review all work for plagiarism originality and ensure no malicious intent.
  • Unido reserves the right to disqualify any entry that doesn’t follow the contest’s spirit or rules.
  • If voting seems to be compromised or manipulated in any way, Unido reserves the right to disqualify any members or submissions.
  • Unido also reserves the right to change, cancel, or alter the contest’s rules at our sole discretion.

NFT Hunt

Once the NFT creation is completed, the remaining 90% of the $NFT will be open for the hunt and will distributed back to the community via a rewards pool after you complete certain tasks. The pool will serve as incentives for helping us complete small engagement and participation activities that will earn you more fragments of the NFT.

The first person to acquire 1 complete NFT wins a whopping 20,000 UDO Tokens in reward.

There will also be other ways to earn parts of the NFTs, including a liquidity/rewards pool set up on PancakeSwap with an $NFT/$wUDO pair that will be tradable on secondary markets.

As the competition moves along, and you acquire more fragments/portions of the NFTs via campaign activities, accumulation on PancakeSwap, and even peer-to-peer trading amongst each other, once a single wallet holds an entire NFT token, we will declare a winner and airdrop the 20,000 $wUDO rewards to the winning BSC wallet address! And as icing on the cake, the winner will also continue to own the NFT!

This competition will be held for 3 NFTs hence, a total of 60,000 UDO Tokens are up for grabs.

For any further questions, please contact us on our Telegram channel. We will also be conducting an AMA for this contest. Write your questions in the comment section of this blog.

First published on Medium on 27 Aug 2021

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