28 / 02 / 2019

Unido Enterprise: beta platform launched

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UNIDO Enterprise Platform is a transformative banking platform, providing a regulatory compliant feature set for cypto banking services.

UNIDO is proud to launch the beta version today!

Core features include:

For banking customers:

  • consensus wallet for bank customers (similar to Unido business wallet)
  • ability to list crypto assets alongside fiat assets...and exchange between the two within the one app.

For banks and financial institutions - full regulatory compliance, governance and control:

  • key vault - for account recovery
  • veto rights over transactions
  • create, suspend, cancel crypto accounts on behalf of customers
  • using the vault key, transfer funds out if necessary
  • complete platform and appliance with developer API
  • whitelabel application

 UNIDO Enterprise is distributed under license - contact us for further details.

Unido Enterprise Beta Platform