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Enterprise-grade security platform for digital asset management

Unido Enterprise Platform has unparalleled agility for crypto asset transactions with a flexible and scalable security platform.

Cutting Edge Security

Unido features some of the most advanced security technologies available on the blockchain.

Authority Driven

The EP system includes multiple levels of compartmental authority structures to ensure maximum security and compliance.

Your Own Infrastructure

Your Enterprise Platform resides within your own system and with your branding.

The Challenges - The Solution

Current custodial solutions use cold storage (custody that is disconnected from the Internet). Cold storage provides physical security, but makes it difficult to generate liquidity from crypto holdings on short notice because of their offline nature and associated manual processes.

Crypto custody also faces the challenges of time consuming manual processes and costly physical security.

A solution is needed to make regulatory compliant trading as quick and easy as possible - as it is within the fiat environment.

Unido’s core multi-member system allows the enterprise to take control of the security and overall governance of crypto accounts while remaining networked for rapid transfer of funds.

Customers retain multiple members and user roles for their organisation, to facilitate their business banking requirements.

It's your platform

The Enterprise Platform can be completely customised to fit into your current infrastructure. The platform can be rebranded to match all of your colours, images, and fonts. On the inside it's still the cutting edge technology and service of Unido but the outside is all about integrating into your company.

Unido wants the integration to be seamless and avoid disruptions and confusion within your company and your consumers. We pride our app on its trustworthiness and dedication to improving businesses.

Compliance based authority

Your Enterprise Platform has a unique, three-rank authority system in place that ensures all users are safe and everything is compliant with regulation.

The app comes with the revolutionary democratic system found in Unido to provide the ultimate security and accountability to your consumers.

The Enterprise Platform gives unprecedented oversight of your consumers to your staff. With the ability to monitor and intervene into accounts, our permissions structure ensures complete responsibility.

The exclusive Vault Access software is the absolute solution to keeping your users assets safe. Through an encrypted pathway, your users will have peace of mind that their accounts are always accessible.

Security. Compliance. Accountability.

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