Unido Enterprise Platform

Enterprise-grade security platform for digital asset management

Unido Enterprise Platform has unparalleled agility for crypto asset transactions with a flexible and scalable security platform.

The challenges

Current custodial solutions use cold storage (custody that is disconnected from the Internet). Cold storage provides physical security, but makes it difficult to generate liquidity from crypto holdings on short notice because of their offline nature and associated manual processes.


Crypto custody also faces the challenges of: 

  • time consuming manual processes
  • costly physical security.

A solution is needed to make regulatory compliant trading as quick and easy as possible - as it is within the fiat environment.

The solution

Unido’s core multi-member system allows the enterprise to take control of the security and overall governance of crypto accounts while remaining networked for rapid transfer of funds.

Customers retain multiple members and user roles for their organisation, to facilitate their business banking requirements.

Unido is a transformative solution delivering efficiency, security and agility for the custody of crypto assets


How it works

Unido Enterprise Platform - How it works


Unido Enterprise Platform is delivered as a server-based platform which provides:


Centralised Control

  • Approve and reject transfers, freeze accounts, monitor the movement of funds and more.


  • A secure method of storing crypto assets without the need for hardware or air-gapped solutions.


  • As a signing member of the wallet, the enterprise can provide final security checks and clearance over the movement of funds.


Target Markets

  • Financial Institutions
  • Hedge Funds
  • Crypto Asset Trading Services
  • Peer Payment Systems

Who to Contact

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